BeFootball VR is an international technology company specializing in the development and commercialization of immersive products for the soccer industry, with headquarters in Madrid and offices in Doha and Miami.

Their main goal is to become the global benchmark in football and immersive technologies, especially in the field of brand experiences for fans, VR video games, and football VR eSports.

At BeFootball, I performed various tasks such as Marketing & Strategy Manager

Worked on the creation and positioning of the brand, from the website with its case studies and content articles (with SEO positioning), to the social media strategy.

Created the brand channels and the website from scratch.

Support in creating press releases and media outreach.

Worked on creating video interviews, challenge videos, and other audiovisual proposals to generate branded content.

BeFootball VR had a more institutional and company culture orientation to position it as a reference in the soccer industry and immersive technologies.
With BeFootball 1VR1, the approach was more towards video games, Location-based Entertainment, and VR eSports.

With the company’s directive, I worked on the strategic vision of the company and its different business lines. For this purpose, several analyses and trend and benchmarking reports were made according to the strengths of the company and its products and the needs detected in the market.

We also worked on the business models of each business area and by-products.

We created a Pitch Deck, an Investment Deck, a research report called «Outstanding Market Opportunities and Trends,» and other internal documents for the company’s 5-year Strategic Planning.

Participate in networking activities, both online and on-site events and fairs of related sectors (World Football Summit, Gamergy).

Organization of the First Virtual Reality Football Tournament with sponsors.

Contact with key players in the VR industry (Oculus, HTC, HP, Pico Interactive) and strategic alliances in the sports industry (RFEF, GSIC).

Support and creation of specific proposals for clients (Finetwork, Hyundai).

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