Community Engagement & Events – 2018 – Madrid

Oarsis was a startup incubator focused on using VR and AR technologies. Its main goal was inspiring, connecting, and empowering entrepreneurs to transform business opportunities into successful companies that used immersive technologies

Oarsis also worked on promoting XR recognition as a sector by small and large national institutions, as well as by other industries with which to create alliances and collaborations.

At Oarsis, I performed various tasks as Community Builder & Events.

Social Media management, content creation, monitoring, and analysis.

Content curation, monitoring trends and national and international technological news in the virtual and augmented reality industry.

Plan social content and maintain regular, relevant and engaging editorial calendar.

Work alongside the CMO to generate new content ideas for marketing (inbound marketing) such as infographics, interviews, compilations and articles.

Interact with followers to build consistent relationships with the community by motivating interaction according to established KPIS.

Events creation and organization

Monitor the success of events and community interaction concerning the marketing strategy, growing the «XR World Madrid» VR community.

Identify industry thought leaders and establish relationships with new professionals to foster collaborations and strategic alliances.

Participate in networking both in the online environment and in offline events and fairs of related sectors.


Business development, market research, email marketing, design of promotional images, paid ads, video editing, and creation and management of the monthly newsletter.


During my time at Oarsis, we also elaborated the XR Report with The App Date about the state of the extended reality industry in Spain in 2018. You can see more about that project here.