Project Manager Junior – 2017 – Madrid

I worked with the core team of the former New Horizons (now Virtual Voyagers), a reference company in the international Extended Reality scene specializing in virtual reality experiences for brands, with over 70 projects, 50 brands/clients, and 5 international awards.


On World Telecommunications and Information Society Day and coinciding with the celebration of its 50th Anniversary, the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers (COIT) presented «The History of Telecommunications» a virtual reality experience produced by New Horizons, which introduced us on a journey through time through some of the most important milestones that, thanks to the work of telecommunications engineers, marked communication in the world.

This virtual reality experience allows us to move to the telegraph room of the Titanic at the time of the sinking in 1912, in which we must give the most famous SOS emergency call in history through Morse code. We can also witness from a radio the alien invasion of Orson Welles in 1938, relive the first telephone connection in history in 1878, or witness the moment when Armstrong stepped on the moon in 1969, a milestone broadcasted live in front of more than 500 million viewers.

During my time at the company, I performed several tasks as Junior Project Manager.

Research and pre-production tasks

Support in social networks and events.

Client Management / Key Account Manager

Research and investigation of trends to support speeches and proposals to clients.

Search of visual materials and 3D objects and sounds in specialized libraries.

Search of references for projects and documentation.

Script and storyboard revisions, English translation and narrative proposals for the COIT project.

Recording of different milestones of the company in its social media channels, audiovisual and text support.

Accompaniment in presentation events and at the #OMExpo2017 fair, where three virtual reality experiences produced by the company were exhibited.

Support in the press presentation of the COIT project in Madrid at HAVAS Media offices.

Assistance and support in client meetings.

Communication management and contact with suppliers and intermediaries.