VR Producer and Marketing Manager of Call of the Sea VR


Call of the Sea VR is the virtual reality version of the BAFTA-nominated debut from Out of the Blue Games. It is a narrative puzzle adventure where you play as Norah, a woman on the trail of her missing husband’s expedition in the 1930s, in an otherworldly tale of mystery and love.

As part of the team of Out of the Blue Games (developer) and with some support of the publisher (Raw Fury) I was in charge of the production, marketing and launch of Call of the Sea VR for Meta Quest 2. Call of the Sea VR was released on April 13, 2023, and has reached more than 150 positive reviews (4.4 / 5 Stars) in the official Quest Store.

Some tasks and milestones performed while taking care of Call of the Sea VR production include:

  • Internal: Production kick off, Setting and follow-up of milestones, Sprint meetings, QA testing through all the phases, Localization and Voice Over management, Asana tasks organization for deliverables, Alpha Closed Demo for Raindance, Feedack and Testing.

  • External: Meta and Raw Fury deliverables management, meeting, craft and delivery of POC, Risk Register, Game Design Document, Vertical Slice, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate builds and docuemnts. On the last phase, support with Trailers, Store Assets, Walk-throughs and all other marketing materials.

Some tasks and milestones while taking care of Call of the Sea VR marketing and launch include:

  • Events & Awards
    • Raindance Immersive 2022 Film Festival submission and nomination for Best VR Game. Handling all materials and communications, including the feature at the Raindance Immersive Embassy on VRChat.
    • UploadVR Winter Showcase 2022: submission and materials management to be featured at the Showcase with the official VR trailer.
    • VR Awards 2023: submission, video craft, and representation of the studio at the physical event VR Awards (Rotterdam, 2023)

  • PR: crafting the press notes and blog posts for all the phases of the project (announcement, beta, Raindance selection, trailer release, launch) and Press Kit creation and management. Upon release reached out to content creators and media outlets (Nathie VR, UploadVR, Real o Virtual) and answered the reviews at the store. For the post-launch looked for interviews and features.
  • Social Media and Content Creation: created Call of the Sea’s Instagram account from scratch, and curated Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, including copy and image, gif or video creation for Call of the Sea and Call of the Sea VR.

Being part of the production and marketing of Call of the Sea VR was a fantastic first experience into production and publishing of a VR game, it provided me with a better comprehension of th VR gaming industry and it deepened the skills needed for performing tasks related with product marketing management, publishing, virtual reality and games production, QA and PR.

A full Results Report can be sent upon request.